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This is a message to all that love the Freedom we have in this Country and believe in the true foundation in which it was built. ON GOD'S WORD!!! In my travels from state to state and ministry to ministry this past year there has been a powerful word that stands out no matter where I am at. PRAY PRAY PRAY!!! This word has been the voice of almost every place I've traveled from pulpit to pew. We believe here at God's Love Ministries that it's time to stand and pray and that the true conditions of our beautiful Country at its a present state doesn't fall on the shoulders of the government ,We believe that the weight of the government is on Jesus's shoulders ( Isaiah 9:6 ) CHURCH!!!!!!!WE ARE THE BODY OF CHRIST and fully responsible to take back territory that has been nominated or STOLEN by the enemy Satan. HOW IS THIS GOING TO HAPPEN CHURCH? We are going to have to drop all things that cause the Body of Christ to be divided. First and foremost denomination all differences. Ephesians 4:11-13 needs to become a reality. We are the ARMY OF LIGHT here on earth and we need to come together and work at finding common ground so we join together in unity and love and take back our country!!! WE THE PEOPLE/UNITED WE STAND/IN GOD WE TRUST!!! ITS'S SIMPLE CHURCH!!! DID YOU CATCH WHAT I JUST SAID!! I SAID CHURCH! NOT CHURCHES!!!! We should be one without spot or wrinkle. All we have to do is pray and do what 2 Chronicles 7:14 says and God said he will hear from the heavens and heal our land!! CHURCH STAND AND PRAY WITH US AND LETS TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY THROUGH PRAYER AND GOD'S POWER THROUGH THE AUTHORITY OF A BELIEVER! CHURCH LOVE NEVER FAILS! WE CAN'T LOOSE!!!!!

                                 PASTOR/EVANGELIST BILLY THARP

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